Recommendations for Communications Friends

The Challenge: “Recommend a blog or Twitter account your CreComm classmates might find helpful as they pursue the program. Providing specific examples, explain why and how you feel this resource might help CreComms be successful.”

1. Hemingway Editor: I was introduced to this site by omeone in my section and I’m so grateful. I’ve used it many times now to keep track of my writing and make sure I’m following some of the general rules we’ve been discussing in class. Simply copy and paste any piece of writing and you’ll be given a colour coded review of the ways it can be improved. Your work will be given a mark out of 10 on its readability, which sentences have simpler alternatives, as well as where adverbs and the passive voice are used. This handy editor has helped me many times in catching mistakes I missed when just editing in Word.

2. LinkedIn Pulse: I have the CBC app on my phone and a subscription to the Winnipeg Free Press (yay for print) but I have found Pulse to be particularly helpful. The app is basically a one-stop place for all news. All you have to do is subscribe to your favourite outlets and you’ll find all their stories on your home screen. I don’t know about you, but I hate clogging up my phone storage with a million different applications, so this allievates all those headaches. Pulse is free and downloadable for both Apple and Android.

3. “Lens,” The New York Times: I love photojournalism and am fascinated by the work of those in the field. Luckily for me (and you), The New York Times has a blog dedicated to the photography of their staff. As someone interested in doing further studies in photojournalism, seeing the multimedia work of those in the field is helpful. There are some incredible shots showcased and I highly recommend it if you’re into that sort of thing.

4. @jsource: If you’re interested in majoring in Journalism the way I am, you’ve got to follow this account on Twitter. There are so many great journalism related links shared, and they vary in topics. It’s a super helpful resource and I highly recommend it. They’re based in Canada so lots of the stories covered are super relevant. They even include different jobs opportunities and internships in different cities. They also do a lot of coverage on the jobs available in the field.

5. This is probably fairly obvious but for the love of God, follow ALL news outlets and media personalities on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure it’s not only Manitoba or Canada-based sources either. Google alerts are awesome too. Same goes for libraries and online search databases.

Also: write and read constantly. I feel like that’s really the only way we can hone our craft.


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