Books I’ll Be Reading This Summer

One of my favourite parts about school coming to an end? I finally get to dive into the ridiculous amount of books I’ve accumulated throughout the semester (I suppose there are worse strategies to cope with stress than running to the bookstore and spending money you shouldn’t). Here are 10 I plan on demolishing when classes finish:


1. “The Elements of Journalism” by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel (because I actually am a total loser, in case you weren’t already aware).

2. “The Center of Winter” by Marya Hornbacher

3. “The Break” by Katherena Vermette

4. “Nausea” by Jean-Paul Sartre

5. “This Is How You Lose Her” by Junot Diaz

6. “The White Album” by Joan Didion

7. “Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs” by Chuck Klosterman

8. “Bukowski in a Sundress: Confessions from a Writing Life” by Kim Addonizio

9. “A Self-Portrait in Letters” by Anne Sexton

10. “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace (I vow this will be the summer I finally finish this 1000-page monster)



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